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If you ‘ve got it, flaunt it. A brand manifests its green power.

Vechro paints logo redesign

Vechro is the company with the top-selling certified ecological paint systems, and the third largest paint manufacturer, in Greece. However, the company’s leadership in the field of innovation and the development of ecological products was not reflected in its brand identity. As a result, consumers were unaware of the brand’s mission and the brand struggled to differentiate itself from its tough competitors.

Vechro’s new identity is powerful and earthy. The new logo reintroduces the company to consumers as an ecological commodity brand, rather than a representative of heavy industry. The flower-paintbrush is a symbol of creativity and transformation, and the bright green colour provides Vechro with a color code that stands out among its competitors.

Vechro successfully put forward its green philosophy and covered a unique positioning in the Greek market: that of a responsible, forward-thinking paint industry that respects the environment and satisfies consumers’ need for products that will ensure a safer future.