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1. What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on your device when you visit. Cookies often store your settings for a website, such as your preferred language or location. Cookies can store a wide variety of information, such as personal information (e.g. name, home address, e-mail address or phone number). However, web pages cannot access information that you do not provide and do not have access to other files on your computer.

2. Types of cookies
There are two main categories of cookies, temporary and persistent.
Temporary cookies (session cookies, session cookies) are deleted immediately after the end of your browser and/ or after the browser is closed.

3. Use of cookies
There are many kinds of cookies and each type of cookie serves different purposes.
We classify the cookies we use into the following categories:

a. Strictly necessary cookies
Essential cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website. They are those used exclusively for the transmission of communication on an electronic communications network or, in so far as is strictly necessary, to the provider of a service that has expressly requested the contracting party or the user to provide that service. They are technically necessary for the operation of the site, so you do not have the ability to reject them.
We use this type of cookie on our website.

b. Session cookies
Session cookies are temporarily stored on your computer or device during our browser session and are deleted upon termination of your browser session.
We use this type of cookie on our website.

c. Performance cookies
Performance cookies are used to record information about how you navigate the site so as to, among other things, improve the performance of a website.
We use this type of cookie on our website.

d. Targeting / advertising cookies
Targeting/advertising cookies are used to identify the advertising content that is most relevant and appropriate for you and your interests. Sites can use them to provide targeted advertising or to limit the number of times you see an ad. This helps companies improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and the quality of the content presented to you. These cookies may be set by the website you are visiting (first party) or by third-party services. Targeting/advertising cookies set by third parties can be used to monitor you on other websites using the same third-party service.
We do not use this type of cookie on our website.

Finally, as a user, you have the right to be informed about the way of collection and use of your data. You have the right to know what data we collect about you and how it is processed. You have the right to correct and update any personal information about you and to request the deletion of that information. You have the right to restrict or object to our use of your data, while retaining the right to use your personal information for your own purposes. You have the right to opt out of data about your use in decisions based solely on automated processing. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any concerns or questions about how we handle your data and personal information.