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Reintroducing a paints brand as any other eco-friendly commodity brand.

Three variants of Vechro Smaltoplast ecological paints redesigned packages

Vechro is the company with the most top-selling certified ecological paint systems, and the third largest paint manufacturer, in Greece. However, the company’s green profile was not reflected on the packaging of its top-quality eco paints line, Smaltoplast. Moreover, the mother brand Vechro struggled to differentiate itself on the shelf among tough international competition.

Illustration of man and woman sitting on a blue living room, as the key visual of the new Vechro Smaltoplast packaging

Our brief had to answer two challenges. We had to reinforce the Vechro brand on the new packaging and to address the fast-growing DIY movement of consumers in the home improvement products market.

Traditionally, paints packaging had to appeal to professional painters with a rigid tone of voice. Instead we wanted to reintroduce Smaltoplast as any other eco-friendly commodity brand, rather than a representative of heavy industry.

The new Smaltoplast identity is eye-catching, friendly and earthy. Each illustration showcases the use of each product and along with typography and icons make easy even for beginners to choose the variant that fits best to their needs.

Smaltoplast makes sure that our space and our planet can be a brighter, happy place to live in.