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A David and Goliath brand story: small stores with a big impact.

Mikra Megala creameries chain logo

The branding of a chain of small stores aiming to change the landscape of the Greek dairy market, proved to be an exciting project. The first privately-owned retail network of the Mandrekas Corinthian dairy was designed to restore the tradition of old neighborhood creameries, with high quality products and honest pricing.

Faced with the modern-day reality of super market chains and incumbent dairy industries, these modern creameries were created to help every family cover its basic nutritional needs on a daily basis. This mission places these stores within a “David & Goliath” model on the contemporary market. The name “Mikra Megala”, meaning “little large” stores, is based on this duality, as well as on a Greek pun, where the word “Megala” (large) also means “with milk”.

Verbal branding and brand philosophy of Mikra Megala creameries chain
Front and back side of Mikra Megala business card with logo and custom illustrations
Eco-friendly branded tote bag for Mikra Megala creameries

The design project included the visual identity, environmental branding, private label products and all POP materials. We designed a series of simple and functional visuals that facilitate the operation of the self-service/quick-stop stores and illustrations that link the products to their natural ingredients and the Greek landscape.