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Making the most of a brand that stands for sustainability and the wellbeing of rural communities

The Stevia Hellas agricultural cooperative cultivates the stevia plant in Central Greece and produces a wide range of high-quality stevia sweeteners. The rebranding of La mia stevia range had to respond to several needs that were not covered by the previous packaging choices:

To educate Greek consumers in choosing stevia as a healthy, natural dietary solution;

To communicate the proposed use of each product;

And last but not least, to showcase that the brand is produced by an agricultural cooperative that uses sustainable farming practices, preserves natural resources and also supports the economy and wellbeing of rural communities in mainland Greece.

We opted to address all of the above by creating a packaging design that introduces the brand as a labour of love from people who truly care for their land. Τhe natural origin of the products and the small farming communities they represent, blend in with food shots that aim to place stevia as an everyday substitute for sugar.