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The power of purity. Or how to stand up to huge global brands.

Cocoon biodegradable sanitary pads carton box next to hands holding cotton

We were asked to create the branding for the first fully biodegradable sanitary pads on the Greek market made with 100% organic cotton, the purest and most environmental choice a woman can make for her personal hygiene. The brand would end up on super market shelves, among fierce competition, where the assets of the product could easily turn out to be harmful preconceptions about it; could a sanitary pad made entirely of organic cotton, stand up to the huge global brands that have spent years and years investing in research and patented revolutionary materials?

This is why we designed a brand that communicates innocence and a reason-to-believe in equal measures. The name Cocoon connotes a pure and natural symbol of protection. It also refers to metamorphosis and change – the brand is a new green alternative for female consumers. The design, on the other hand, had to incorporate several performance claims and certifications. We made the most of all sides of the cube-shaped pack, so as to detail the reliability of the pad and the responsible way to dispose the biodegradable product and packaging.