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Making the most of your locality is only a tweet away!

Chios Gardens juices and fruit drinks rebranding on Tetra Pak containers floating around tree leaves

Chios Gardens, juices and fruit drinks, is a small Greek brand based on the remote island of Chios, in the north-eastern Aegean Sea. This is the location of Kambos, a legendary orchard that has been producing small quantities of top-quality, immensely popular citrus fruit since the 12th century.

When the time came for a rebranding that would put the brand on the map, in Greece and abroad, there was no question that origin and small business ethics had to be highlighted: love for the trees and commitment to sustainability and the welfare of the local rural community.

Close up photo on the illustrated front sides of Tetra Pak containers of Chios Gardens natural juices, with illustrations of various birds sitting on citrus tree branches

Who knows trees better than birds? No-one, we thought and turned the spotlight on the small birds that rest in the orchards of Kambos. Each variant is associated with a different bird species, shown sitting on the branches of the tree that produces the main ingredient in it. On the BOP, there is information about the type of bird, how it interacts with the tree, the time of harvest, and the timeless voyage of Chios citrus fruits. A Greek product’s pursuit to overcome the rules of globalization is always a good exercise on branding.