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Turning an arts festival into a cultural destination.

Aeschylia Festival logo in yellow background

The Aeschylia Festival is one of the most daring and diverse festivals in Greece, and an integral part of the Municipality of Eleusina, a city where culture is at the very heart of every effort for social and financial progress. With an eye to 2023, the year in which Eleusina will be crowned European Capital of Culture, the Festival is staking a dynamic claim for the international cultural field. Α visual identity was crucial in promoting the festival as a cultural destination, and to frame every form of communication with its domestic and international audience.

The new logo marks the distance between two points: the first and the last letter of the word ‘Aeschylia’. More than one interpretations are envisioned in the conversing Alphas: a. The crossing of the creator and the viewer’s gazes. Two eyes meeting in a common field, a work of art. b. The beginning and end of the Festival. The chronicle of a celebration that transforms Eleusina and the audience. c. The crossing of Persephone from the Upper World to the Underworld and vice versa; the myth that links Eleusina to history and symbolizes the circle of life in nature.

The logo is part of a visual system that consolidates all the Festival’s forms of communication. The two Alphas create a dynamic and changing space – a framework filled with energy, emotion and creativity. In many cases, it becomes a shutter that invites the eye to focus on the core of the experience, on the Here and Now determined jointly by artists and viewers.