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Eleusina arts festival: the challenge to reinvent ourselves each year.

Blue, white and yellow key visual of communication design for Aeschylia Festival 2020

The Aeschylia Festival and the city of Eleusina have had an uninterrupted and leading presence on the Greek cultural scene since 1975, creating one of the most interesting and multifaceted artistic institutions. With Eleusis taking on the title of European Capital of Culture in 2022, the Aeschylia Festival will be addressing a much larger audience. As with every cultural destination, it acquired a powerful visual identity, which has dominated the festival posters since 2018.

The artworks arise from the dynamic of the mutating Aeschylia logo, which forms the basis of a new visual interpretation each year. Before the pandemic caused the festival to be cancelled, 2020 looked to be a year of rich artistic production, a fact that we incorporated in a series of visuals characterized by movement and cross-cutting fields.