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Eleusina, an unrelenting factory of culture.

Aeschylia Festival 2019 white and yellow branded poster

Aeschylia Festival is one of the most daring and multifaceted cultural festivals in Greece. In 2018, in view of Eleusina becoming the European Capital of Culture 2022, the festival acquired a visual identity within the framework of a strategy to turn the city into a European cultural destination. One year later, a more specific goal was targeted: to make this polymorphic identity, a point of reference for the festival’s dynamic communication strategy.

2019 was the year we emphasized on the campaign’s digital aspects, the festival’s principal communication platform, using moving typeface in an effort to render a landscape of movement, dynamics and rhythm. The artwork focuses on the smokestacks and amphitheatre in the Elaiourgiki Old Oil Mill, where the festival takes place. Our aim was to design a tireless factory of culture – what Eleusina city is for us.