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Celebrating a city that turns into a thriving artscape.

3 Aescylia festival 2021 posters

Aeschylia is the arts festival of the city of Eleusis, and one of the longest-standing art events in Greece. Most years, the Festival’s communication material is designed to promote the city’s character and landmarks; everything that makes Eleusis proud of itself.

The 2021 artwork for the event has a clearly geometrical approach, based on the circle and its subdivisions. We created compositions that can be seen as abstract depictions of landscapes and symbols, tied intrinsically to the city. The semicircle stands for the semicircular space cut out by the amphitheatre dominating the Old Oil Mill of Eleusis. It is the sun setting in the sea of Eleusis, as people arrive to attend the events. It is the hull of a ship – a nod to the Eleusis Shipyards, which dominate the city’s contemporary history.

The semicircle symbolizes half of a life-cycle on earth, the six months during which Persephone lived with her mother Demeter and away from Hades.

This is a myth that is inextricably linked to the history of ancient Eleusis. It was a period of celebration for humans, and rebirth for nature. The Festival is also a celebration, transforming summers in Eleusis into a colorful, vibrant, fertile field of interaction between the arts and their audience.