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How to build a brand that stands among equals in the international market.

Adaptit new logo and corporate tagline: Evolution Drivers

Adaptit is a highly specialized company operating in the information communication technology sector (ICT). Having established its presence in most European countries, the company decided upon a strategic change of its corporate id to establish uniformity across touchpoints with the B2B audience.

Our task was twofold. First, to create a brand story that would engage and inspire the people of Adaptit to redefine the company’s vision and second, to build a brand that would stand among equals in the international market.

Taking inspiration from Kevin Kelly, tech guru and founder of «WIRED» magazine, and his theory that technology has become the Seventh Kingdom of life, the number 7 became Adaptit’s new logo; a moldable, organic form that evolves, just like technology. This established a brand new promise for Adaptit, a dymanic that was also captured in the tagline “Evolution Drivers”.