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Vikos Cola custom glass bottle is yet another expression of the brand’s connection to natural mineral water.

Vikos Cola, the best-selling Greek cola brand, is the only cola made with natural mineral water from the Vikos gorge in north-western Greece. The brand’s ties to the water sources of one of the deepest canyons in the world, is a usp that its recent rebranding was invited to offset.

When the time came to design the brand’s original glass bottle, we chose a feminine, fluid form that would evoke the liquid nature of water. We came up with a slim-waisted and curvaceous bottle where two symmetrical inverted shapes come together in the centre. A form that brings to mind the oscillating mountain peaks, the rippling of water, and the eternal cycle of water on Earth, journeying overland and underground and coming to the surface in the form of natural sources such as those encountered in the unique ecosystem of the Vikos gorge.

The clear-on-clear label accentuates the FOP plunging curve and follows the house-style we created for the Vikos Cola portfolio, dividing the packaging into three separate parts that contain visual or textual information.