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Working from the inside out is a trusted process that has never failed us. By revealing the essence, the uniqueness, and the mission of the brand, it is as if we have already drawn a rough sketch of its design.

Brands need strategy to reveal their true heart

A brand’s heart represents who they are as a brand; from their brand identity, personality, mission, to their values and voice. It is the special tool that makes a brand authentic and unique.

In our modern day marketplace, brands have to survive in a sea of competition. To stand out, they need to be authentic, to clearly communicate who they are as a brand in a consistent manner across touchpoints. Successful brands, not only engage their audience, but create a bond with them through meaningful customer journeys.

At 2yolk, building on our experience of over 18 years, we have developed the skills and tools – BRAND LOVEKEY, BRAND BIRTH & B.E.D. – that help us build a well-targeted strategy for each brand.

Great design is made from the heart

Design is the foundation of a brand; it is what makes it instantly recognizable to its audience. Design can transform a brand’s identity, communicate its values and narrate its unique brand story in order to stay relevant and insightful.

It is a valuable tool in building a successful business that accurately represents what the brand is, if supported by the appropriate brand strategy. This relationship cannot be understated; one cannot reach its full potential without the other. Great design is what makes both the business strategy and the brand heart visible.

At 2yolk, we strive and yearn for great design. Our designs are the result of careful observation and planning and we always second-guess ourselves. We believe there is meaning behind every creative choice, nothing is left to chance!

The synergy between strategy and design makes a brand’s heart beat

A successful brand image manifests and reinforces the brand’s personality. It transforms a comprehensive and targeted strategy into a clear picture, that it is immediately recognized and understood by the target audience. In reality, the biggest challenge with an excellent strategy, is its poor and uninspired execution and vice versa.

At 2yolk, we all work towards creativity that has a mission and a meaning. Designers and strategists indulge in constant role-playing to come up with original solutions to the challenges of each brief and create inspirational artwork. The result is a diverse portfolio with no design manner or creative obsessions. For each individual brand, the synergy between strategy and design creates a new and exciting narrative.