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This is a delicious case of celebrity branding.

Scandal ice creams by Stelios Parliaros product portfolio

Εvga’s Scandal by Stelios Parliaros ice creams is the only packaged ice cream featuring the signature of the most accomplished Greek pâtissier. This alone makes the brand synonymous to high quality and indulgence, elements that the new packaging had to bring back to light or, to be exact, dim-light.

We decided to turn to the atelier of the creator. The place where the craftsmanship and fine ingredients are best highlighted. The lens focuses on the fine desserts that constitute the inspiration for the flavours of the ice creams, and behind the camera, you can sense the persistent gaze of the perfectionist pâtissier. The atmosphere has something of the holy solitude of every artist the moment he confronts inspiration. The new packaging captures the sophistication of the recipes and hints a premium flavour experience.

Scandal by Stelios Parliaros Vanilla parfait ice cream packaging design and lid

The strategic partnership of Scandal with mr. Stelios Parliaros began in 2013, and after a very successful 3 year course we were ready for the next step. The goal, to differentiate the range even more and highlight the famous pâtissier’s creations. 2yolk dealt with the project with a completely fresh perspective that pleasantly surprised us and with a professionalism that makes this collaboration one the most pleasant and effective of the year.

Christina Giapitzaki
Evga IC BD Manager
ELAIS-Unilever Hellas S.A.