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Bringing the magic back into one of the most loved Greek food brands.

Pummaro tomato puree new packaging in Tetra Pak container, photographed on a wooden surface among fresh tomatoes

For 3 decades, Pummaro has been the leading brand in the tomato product category in Greece in terms of awareness and usage. Though it continued to enjoy the highest level of loyalty compared to its competitors, Elais Unilever Hellas felt that the brand had been commoditized. Research showed that consumers felt that the brand “has been resting on its laurels” and “is not really giving a solid reason-why for price premiumness”.

The challenge set for us was to create a striking rebrand that better communicated the brand’s mission: Pummaro for a long time has been actively supporting sustainable farming and the local agricultural communities in Greece.

The outcome is a new identity that highlights the product’s unique quality and the brand’s true love story for the Greek sun-kissed tomatoes and the people who produce them.


The revival of an iconic and still leading brand such as Pummaro was a delicate process and a true challenge for Unilever. 2yolk dealt with this project gracefully by bringing imagination and creativity into the rebranding while managing to rethink Pummaro, grounding the design in the roots of our brand’s truth of care, authenticity and sustainability. The new packaging came to remind our customers of what makes Pummaro so special.

Dimitris Serifis
Marketing Manager Savoury & Dressings
Unilever Greece