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A logo redesign; simplifying does not mean losing character.

Merenda praline spread logo redesigned

The Merenda logo was redesigned on occasion of the brand’s expansion into a new food category, beyond its highly popular range of chocolate spreads. The need for a functional logo for new applications and smaller packaging, brought to light the datedness and the design weaknesses of the previous logo, such as the shadowing and the CMYK process colour images – elements which had to be removed.

Photography of a jar filled with Merenda hazelnut praline next to the new Merenda logo

The renewed Merenda logo had to remain familiar, but also provide a contemporary interpretation of the joy and pleasure that this Greek love brand has brought for the last 50-plus years.

We kept the alternating blue and red lettering, which is inextricably linked to the brand’s identity, but redesigned the letters based on the Museo sans typeface. We maintained the basic character of a sans serif font, but rounded the corners to make it smoother and more voluptuous – echoing the texture of Merenda spread. We kept the white outline behind the typeface of the logo, to facilitate its application over the classic Merenda blue background, especially considering the multiple applications that go with FMCG brands. Finally, the removal of the hazelnut image, besides being a design necessity, also serves a strategic decision that will facilitate the brand’s expansion in the future.