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A new mindset for eating well.

Meallion is a new meal delivery service addressed to millennials in fast-paced jobs: people who want to enjoy high-quality meals on a daily basis, with ingredients that will provide them with physical and mental energy, but who do not have the time to cook. Meallion introduces itself as a flexible phygital brand, with a user-friendly website that provides people with an easy, quick way to order their meal packages once a week, thus organizing a nutrition plan for meals at home or at work. The menu is designed by Greek Masterchef Lambros Vakiaros, combining creativity and wellness.

We opted to create a modern, agile brand, presented as a restaurant that opens on command, with ready-to-serve meals that fit into tight lunch breaks. The name meallion underscores the sense of a daily luxury – and what, indeed, is enjoying good food without the fuss of cooking it or waiting for a tardy delivery service, if not a luxury?

The design is sophisticated and in keeping with the eco-conscious Halopack® packaging used. The sleeves have variable monochromatic mosaics on a craftlike background, and the colour-coding helps consumers sort meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes in their refrigerator.