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A market-leading hygiene brand responds to the demands of the Covid era


Klinex has been a Greek love brand since the 1950s, and is a long-standing market leader in bleaches. Over the years, Klinex has expanded its footprint to the soft hygiene territory with a variety of household care sprays, wipes and floor cleaners. The brand promised impressive cleanliness and gleaming surfaces, i.e. everything consumers were looking for before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Hand with glove holding Klinex Hygiene Spray next to stack of sponges

The outbreak of Covid-19 caused an unprecedented spike in the sale of cleaning products, bringing with it a clear exigence from consumers: disinfection, and therefore safe spaces, both inside and outside the home. Klinex displayed quick reflexes and proceeded with a brave rebranding, based on two main pillars: a. harmonizing its broad range of bleach-free cleaning products, and making a clear distinction between them and bleach detergents; and b. demonstrating their powerful disinfectant and antibacterial properties.

The rebranding of bleach-free Klinex products replaced showiness with credibility. It led us to packaging with a clean layout, soft pastel colours, a discreet cross pattern and lean typography – all visual cues associated with pharmaceutical disinfectants.

The quiet, minimal layout provided space for the products’ powerful claims. The series was given the platform name “Hygiene”, with the claim “Bleach-free” next to the Klinex logo. The claim “Kills 99,9% of viruses and bacteria” was given pride of place on all packaging, next to a shield symbolizing protection and safety. Effectiveness claims and instructions for use of each product, were framed by stylized icons.

The rebranding gave all packaging a clear architecture of visual and verbal elements that allow consumers to navigate the broad portfolio, while also creating a strong brand block on super market shelves – a position of power for a market leader offering consumers every possible solution for hygiene and protection in their daily lives.