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There’s something new under the sun. Branding the next generation of sunscreens.

Pharmasept is a leading Greek company, with a range of top-quality pharmacy products. The launch of its first series of suncare products was a particular challenge. The brand had to compete with high-profile brands in the category, so it needed a unique positioning. That was the range’s biodegradable composition, with 100% mineral filter that does not cause phototoxicity, as well as the bio-plastic, ocean-friendly tubes that prevent plastic waste.

The name “Heliodor”, a composite Greek name meaning “gift from the sun”, fell into place with a skin- and sea-friendly line of suncreams. It invites us to view the sun as a source of joy and not as a threat.

Design-wise, the series follows the new Pharmasept house style that divides the packaging in two parts: the part belonging to the logo and the variant name, and the lower part containing the claims and the main design element of each range – a sun half-submerged in the sea that also provides the space for color coding.