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When gourmet bites get street-wise. A brand creates its own idiom amid the visual verbosity of snacks.

Food styling of an orange slice half-covered in dark chocolate for Hatziyiannakis Choco Bits packaging

Dragées Hatziyiannakis, a synonym of top quality and innovation in the Greek retail market for many years, decided to translate these values into a range of sweet snacks for the people who seek gourmet bites and select ingredients on the go.

The project was based on a delicate balance that ultimately became our creative tool. The new brand had to maintain the minimalist visual cues of existing Hatziyiannakis brands, to compete with the exuberant design of international brands in the category and to create a clear architecture for an extensive range of sophisticated flavours.

Chocolate stars in a balancing act of flavours and textures. Savoury meets sweet, sweet meets tangy, and juicy meets crunchy. A delicious totem of exquisite ingredients composes the experience of each dragée. A Greek brand claims the title of street gourmet.