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Designing the sustainable makeover of a major PL brand, while helping consumers navigate its extensive portfolio.

4 packages of AB's Ready Meals by Akis Petretzikis

ΑΒ Ready Meals is the range of PL ready-to-serve meals marketed by Greek supermarket chain AB Vassilopoulos. This value-for-money, popular range includes a variety of meals, salads, sandwiches and wraps endorsed by famous Greek chef Akis Petretzikis. The AB Vassilopoulos brand is traditionally associated with eco-conscious practices, and the Ready Meals rebranding project is one of them. It resulted from the need to replace non-recyclable plastic meal tubs with 100% recyclable Halopack© packaging, thus reducing the company’s plastic waste by an astonishing 21 tons a year.

Ηalopack packaging ensures greater visibility of the delicious meals, and therefore the new sleeve is narrower. The space available required coming up with a design element that: a) can be implemented even on the smallest snack packs; b) offsets the demo dishes; and c) can be adapted to provide a visual categorization of the different meal types – more than 70 recipes.

We designed a series of variable and flexible circular patterns to provide an organic link to the shape of a plate, and create a vibrant ‘sous plat’ using different motifs and colour themes to signify the types of the recipies: yellow tartan for traditional Greek dishes, red tartan for meat recipes, green floral for vegetarian dishes, wavy blue for seafood and flagship cultural patterns for ethnic recipes.

The ΑΒ Ready Meals rebranding is a truly fun and intriguing work in progress, since it continues to evolve as new themes and seasonal dishes are added to the meal portfolio.