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Best Chocolate Packaging Designs it is!

Multiple packages of choco bits Hatziyiannakis

In 2018, Dragées Hatziyiannakis, a synonym of top quality and innovation, decided to enter the snacking category with a new range of dragée-type chocolates.

The Hatziyiannakis brand name had already been on the retail market for many years, with premium chocolate products, and was well-established in the minds of consumers. The aim was to translate these values into a range of sweet snacks for the people who seek gourmet bites, unusual combinations and select ingredients on the go. Street deli had found its chocolate!

The project was based on a delicate balance that ultimately became our creative tool. The new brand had to maintain the visual cues of existing Hatziyiannakis brands, such as the minimalist design and the photographic demos. At the same time, it had to hold its own alongside major international brands in the sweet snacking category, which is dominated by bold colours, enticing demos and the promise of overwhelming delight. Also, it was necessary to create a clear architecture for a group of ten flavours, signifying the types of chocolate, the core of the dragées and products using stevia sweetener.

The awkward French word ‘dragées’ becomes Choco Bits. Chocolate undertakes a sophisticated balancing act of flavours and textures. Savoury meets sweet, sweet meets tangy, and juicy meets crunchy.

A delicious totem of exquisite ingredients composes the experience of each dragée. A Greek brand dares to create its own idiom amid the visual verbosity of snacks, masterfully balancing flavours and textures and claiming the title of ‘street gourmet’.

chocolate covered almond

In 2019 the project made us proud in a national, as well as international level as it won a Red Dot award and also a Gold in the Greek Packaging Innovation Awards! In 2022 it is featured in the 8 Best Chocolate Packaging Designs among creative and innovative package designs selected by Design Rush and we are much looking forward to undertake more and more sweet challenges!