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The bigger the market the bigger the challenge – as juicy as a venture can be.

Moya Semya rebranded juices and fruit drinks floating between fresh fruit and vegetables

Moya Semya fruit drinks have been marketed in Russia since 2001, by leading juice manufacturer Multon, and quickly became popular as a family brand in the value-for-money category. However, sales figures started to drop in recent years, and surveys showed that the brand did not stand out on the packed shelves of the admittedly huge Russian market, and that it did not communicate naturalness and goodness. Multon’s answer was a brave repositioning with exciting new fruit and vegetable combinations, improved nutritional value and new, attractive pricing.

Design wise finding a fresh perspective for this traditionally cautious FMCG category was definitely a challenge, as was testing the result on one of the largest markets in the world. We also had to find an original colour code to ensure that the Moya Semya family created a vibrant colour block on the shelf.

A warm, wood-hued background became the original colour for the brand, reflecting the naturalness of the fruit drinks and a homey atmosphere. A hand-drawn glass became the key visual and the vibrant and playful fruit visuals offset the exciting mix ’n’ match flavours. Overall, the new packaging was based on a naivety and simplicity that automatically connotes pureness.